With the advancement in dental technology, more and more dental practitioners are looking at removable appliances as an alternative option for their patients. History shows that every hundred years there is a change in the use of materials for full and partial denture appliances, and Currently this change takes place!

Acrylic and monomer free
The less chemicals the better. There are no added liquid chemicals to Vertex™ ThermoSens material during the process nor at the finishing stage (Unless your clear frame partial is made with acrylic saddles). This gives you more options for those patients who are sensitive to chemicals or resins. So you can offer the patient an allergy free appliance.

Burning mouth syndrome (BMS)
ThermoSens is the result of a 2 year casting study about the burning mouth syndrome. BMS is burning sensation in the mouth, especially on the tip of the tongue, lower lip and palate. A few causes of this burning sensation is traces of monomer, metal, accelerator system or denture cleaning products. The treating protocol to such reactions is an alternative material such as ThermoSens.

The graph on the right shows the durability of a ThermoSens denture. After bending the clasps for 5000 times, the clasps remain in their original position. This simulates a period of 5 years without repairing or readjusting the ThermoSens denture.

View: Case study ThermoSens


Why Choose Vertex ThermoSens?

• Acrylic and Monomer Free
• Color Stability
• Ease of Adjustments
• Endless Options

Maxil (Proclean)
Maxil is a cleaning agent for dentures, removable orthodontic appliances and
mouth guards. Maxil is compounded with natural ingredients, is bactericide
and will keep dentures and appliances in optimal condition.

Maxil provide the patient with a fresh taste and breath after use.