Does ThermoSens contain any monomer or acrylic?
No monomer or acrylic is added when creating a ThermoSens denture.
Can I recommend a ThermoSens denture to a patient who is diagnosed with BMS?
Yes, ThermoSens is an excellent alternative for patient who are diagnosed as a Burning Mouth Syndrome patient. In addition, ThermoSens can used as an alternative for patients which are sensitive to chemicals.
Can you add teeth or clasps or repair a ThermoSens denture?
Yes, adding to a ThermoSens denture using the injection method and a fusing or bonding liquid will allow a dental technischian to add teeth, clasps or bring reparations to a ThermoSens denture.
How can my patient keep the ThermoSens denture in optimum condition?
Our reseach has shown that cleaning with Vertex ProClean keeps the ThermoSens denture in optimum conditions. In addition, ProClean disinfects the ThermoSens Denture.