"Virtually unbreakable..."

AJ Posca, Posca Brothers Dental Lab, USA
"So far our experience with the Vertex ThermoSens has been nothing but great success! Being able to fabricate a full denture that is virtually unbreakable was unheard of until this material was produced.
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"It must be something spcial..."

Fedir Moiseiev, Interdent Lab, Ukraine
“Our Lab has already been working with rigid thermoplastic materials for 7 years. This is why, when Vertex started to produce its new rigid thermoplastic ThermoSens, we were pleased to try it out as Vertex...
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"ThermoSens - the unique material"

Radu Banc, Cluj Napoca, Romania

“I have been working with thermoplastic materials for more than 11 years and I can tell you that ThermoSens is a revolutionary material and a unique product! From my experience all Vertex-Dental products...

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"The best thermoplastic material"

Javier Ubeda, NC Laboratorio Dental, Spain
“I must admit that my first experience with thermoplastic materials and systems was Vertex™ ThermoSens. I consider myself lucky with this first experience because my vision and knowledge about these kind of...
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"I like ThermoSens"

Csaba Szegö, New York Dental, Hungary
"I like ThermoSens why Thermosens have al  benefit what i need for working with a new thermoplastic material.ThermoSens inspire me to developing new denture techniques."
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