Csaba Szegö, New York Dental, Hungary

"I like ThermoSens why Thermosens have al  benefit what i need for working with a new thermoplastic material.ThermoSens inspire me to developing new denture techniques.

In the past i missing all benefits in my list. With this i can make a lot different denture what i can’t not doing in the past this is unbelievable. I have  more the 20 years  experience with thermoplastic material i have Valplast imported with a friend to Europe.

But with Valplast or similar product have  missing a lot of benefit what we have now with ThermoSens. ThermoSent it s the best thermoplastic material on the world dental market. We are on the right way what we can do. What els ThermoSens !

  • Polishing
  • Shrinking
  • Color Range
  • Anti Allergic
  • Stiff rigid flexible
  • Precise fit
  • Calculate working and design 
  • Price

“I have more than twenty years’ experience with thermoplastic material and used Valplast in the past. While I was using Valplast I missed certain features: easy polishing, low shrinkage, wide color range and non-allergic material. Now I have found a thermoplastic product which can offer me this, ThermoSens! ThermoSens offer a lot of benefits and is therefore an ideal product for me. ThermoSens is very easy to polish and create a precise fitting. In addition, the price and the non-allergically are the features which attract most of the people I train in using ThermoSens. I think ThermoSens is a great product and a promising material for the dental market. What else ThermoSens!”