Javier Ubeda, NC Laboratorio Dental, Spain

“I must admit that my first experience with thermoplastic materials and systems was Vertex™ ThermoSens. I consider myself lucky with this first experience because my vision and knowledge about these kind of materials and systems was formed while I used Vertex™ ThermoSens.

What makes ThermoSens different from the other similar materials and systems are three key aspects: the rapidity, simplicity and cleanliness. These three aspects are from my point of view the most fundamental aspects why a dental technician and laboratory should start to use ThermoSens.

The indisputable quality of ThermoSens, the possibility of repairing and relining in an impeccable way and the different appliances in the dental field without changing anything but choosing the color according to our need. Those are the remarkable features and benefits of ThermoSens and are consider as the most important features for dental technicians from my experiences as an international trainer for Vertex Dental.

It is really nice  when I finish a hands on training session and I can see my colleagues are convinced and implementing the system immediately in their minds and reality…really nice!"