Radu Banc, Cluj Napoca, Romania

“I have been working with thermoplastic materials for more than 11 years and I can tell you that ThermoSens is a revolutionary material and a unique product! From my experience all Vertex-Dental products are made from high quality material.

Therefore, I was very eager to start working with Vertex ThermoSens. I have been working with ThermoSens since they launched it in 2011. ThermoSens offers a great advantage comparing to all other thermoplastic materials in the market. The material is biocompatible, low shrinkage under 1% , which is amazing and easy to polish.

I like ThermoSens because it can be used for almost everything, you can create - full & partial dentures, frameworks combined with Castapress, bridges and dentures for implants. ThermoSens is easy to grind, repair and reline, which is ideal for me. What I like also about ThermoSens is that it is available in 12 different colours and I can purchase it in cartridges or bulk.” “Our experience with ThermoSens has been great (no failure), dentist are happy and the patients are satisfied. Also in order to obtain the best results with ThermoSens it is highly recommendable to use the ThermoJect 22 machine. ThermoJect 22 is the perfect machine, easy to work with, full automated and will make your job much easier. To conclude, ThermoSens is an unique material and I would recommend this product to everyone.”