Technical support

Processing Vertex ThermoSens
What class of gypsum (plaster) is recommended for embedding the ThermoFlask when using ThermoSens?
We recommend using Class III gypsum (plaster) for embedding and flasking your models.
For full dentures, how many sprues are needed?
When flasking a full denture only one sprue (9mm) is necessary in the middle of the flask.

Before processing, do I need to add retentions to each tooth being (re)placed?

Yes, it is very important to create T-shape retention holes into each tooth making sure they connect to maximize retention.
How much pressure is recommended for injecting ThermoSens?

The minimum recommended pressure for injecting ThermoSens is 6.5 bar / 94.3 psi.

To what temperature does ThermoSens need to be heated?
The recommended temperature is 290┬░C for 18 minutes (XL cartridges 19 till 20 minutes).
Do you need to preheat the flask before injecting ThermoSens?
It is recommended to preheat the flak by placing the flask on the chamber of the ThermoJect. While in the meantime the cartridge is heated up inside the chamber.
How long do you heat a cartridge with ThermoSens before injecting?
For the best results, heat the cartridge for 18 minutes before injecting.
After injection, how long must you wait before opening the flask?
After injection it is recommended to bench-cool the flask for at least 30 minutes and place the flask afterwards for 20 minutes in cold water before opening the flask.
Finishing Vertex ThermoSens
Can ThermoSens be finished using materials I might have from other nylon products?
Yes, if you have rubber wheels, or even acrylic style burs. In most cases ThermoSens can be finished by using existing tools, for example the Vertex polishers.
Does ThermoSens splinter and string off when grinding?
No, ThermoSens is easy to adjust and shaves off in almost exactly the same way as acrylics. Take a carbide bur and make your required adjustments without applying too much pressure. It is not recommended to hold a bur in one spot for too long. ThermoSens is still a thermoplastic material and if heated up too much it can deform.
How can I polish a ThermoSens denture?
Our research has shown that the best way to polish ThermoSens is using ThermoGloss paste and emulsion for the best polishing results. It has been proven to be the simplest and least complex way to ensure great polishing and a long-lasting shine. Click here
Vertex ThermoJect 22
Is there a program with which I can adjust the temperature, heating time and cooling time?
Yes, program Z allows you to adjust these three variables to a certain extent.
If I selected the wrong program on the ThermoJect 22 how can I cancel the selection?
When you want to cancel a selected program you need to press the green Enter button twice rapidly.
Can I control the injection manually after the heating time is finished?

Yes, when the ThermoJect 22 starts the heating time for heating up the cartridge and the safety bar is pushed down. The ThermoJect 22 will not inject until the safety bar is closed again.

Warning: when the heating time is finished and you inject a few minutes later by pulling up the safety bar, the material could show discoloration due to burned material and preheating too long.

What machines can ThermoSens be used in?

ThermoSens can be used in machines that have 22mm or 25mm diameter openings and can reach the correct bars/psi pressure and temperature needed to inject correctly.

Recommendation: Vertex-Dental uses the ThermoJect 22 machine for any and all testing purposes, and it has been shown to work better than any other machine on the market.

Does ThermoSens contain any monomer or acrylic?
No monomer or acrylic is added when creating a ThermoSens denture.
Can you add teeth, clasps or repair a ThermoSens denture?
Yes, adding to a ThermoSens denture using the injection method and a fusing or bonding liquid will allow you to add teeth or clasps or bring reparations. Just make sure you overlap the wax a millimeter or two over the existing area to ensure that strong bonding is achieved.
How can I clean a ThermoSens denture?
Our reseach has shown that cleaning with Maxil provides the optimum results. Maxil also disinfects the ThermoSens Denture.