Choosing the right dental appliance is always a difficult process and these questions always come to mind; How much will it cost me? What are the characteristics of the material? Will is look aesthetic once its finished? How reliable is it?

With a breakthrough in dental technology, Vertex™ ThermoSens is leading the way to creating longer lasting, stronger, more aesthic, non allergic, and cost efficient materials your treating dental professional can now offer you. Not only are you getting a product you can depend on, but a product you wont have to worry might break just by dropping it. Unlike other denture base material that break under stress, Vertex™ ThermoSens the challenge!

Vertex ThermoSens Full Denture
The first full denture that is not only monomer and acrylic free, but also virtually unbreakable. Vertex™ ThermoSens has the same opaque color quality as acrylics, but without their imperfections.

Vertex ThermoSens full denture. Superb fitting with extreme strength
After numerous of strength and toughness tests we went over and beyond to prove our point. We decided to drive a truck over our denture to prove the strength of our material. As expected, the denture base was perfectly intact without a single fracture. This is impossible to achieve with an acrylic denture.

From the tooth colored and clear clasps to the pink based colors, ThermoSens blends in perfectly, to ensure you can wear your appliance with comfort and confidence, unlike metal frames. The combination of both ThermoSens Clear and ThermoSens Pink gives you another option when choosing the right denture. The ThermoSens Clear disappears in the mouth while the pink overlay adds more characteristics, unlike metal frames. This make your denture more lifelike and keeps you smiling! Unlike the conventional (flexible) materials out today that are translucent and inconsistent, ThermoSens color holds up to even the harshest liquids and foods a mouth can endure.

So, no worries when eating or drinking! If you’ve had a denture before made out of conventional materials, you know the color can change, even after a few months while wearing it in your mouth. Besides, dentures made out of conventional materials might cause loss of taste or even irritation. This is something you’ll never have to worry about when having a ThermoSens denture.

Vertex ThermoSens Overlay Smile
With Vertex ThermoSens you have endless options. Whether you are covering a segment, or even your entire arch, Vertex ThermoSens is always a great choice.

Comparison Metal frame and ThermoSens

   Metal frame
Weight -- +
Aesthetic -- ++
Strength + ++
Confort - +
Durability ++ ++
Against allergy -- ++


Did you know that the number of ThermoSens users increases yearly with 80.000 new users and the weight of ThermoSens is at least 50% lighter compared to an average metal frame denture.

Maxil (ProClean)

Maxil is a cleaning agent for dentures, removable orthodontic appliances and mouth guards. Maxil is compounded with natural ingredients, is bactericide and will keep dentures and appliances in optimal condition. Maxil provide you with a fresh taste and breath after using your denture.