”I’m truly happy with my new ThermoSens denture”

Ms. Amparo G. is a lady from 69 years old and has a difficult teeth structure to insert a denture. The difficulty with her teeth structure is that they are very oblique and point in the opposite direction, which makes it difficult to insured her denture.

“In the past years when I wore my metal frame denture I had to go back to the
dentist at least twice a year to repair my metal clasps, because they broke due
to my teeth structure”.

Now Ms. Amparo G. changed her metal frame denture to a ThermoSens denture and experienced the benefits of wearing such a denture. “It is a great solution for my problem! I don’t have to worry anymore about breaking the clasps or denture and the weight of the denture is much lighter compared to my old metal frame denture. I’m using my ThemoSens denture now for over 1,5 years without any repairs. I’m truly happy with my new ThermoSens denture!”

Amparo G.
Spain, Valencia

Lower partial on implants with ThermoSens


Ms. Bree has a small vertical dimension which minimalized the amount of space especially above her implants. This caused her regular PMMA denture to break repeatedly.

Her dentist searched for an alternative which could prevent this from happening and found ThermoSens. After creating the partial denture from ThermoSens no breakage occurred ever since. She is truly happy with the result and her new ThermoSens denture. Click here for the full article.

Ms. Bree
The Netherlands, Utrecht

Dentist: Nittert Postema

”ThermoSens denture it changed everything”

Patricia M. is 48 year old woman and wore for many years a long bridge made from a metal frame structure. The size of the metal frame was spacious due to the complex structure. While she used this denture inflammation symptom appeared in her my mouth.

“The size of my metal frame denture felt unnatural and the symptoms where very painful. I was sometimes not able to wear my denture due to the pain”.
After having these problems her dentist offered to try out a ThermoSens denture.

“After I start to use the ThermoSens denture it changed everything! It felt lighter and natural compared to my old metal frame denture. Moreover, the inflammation symptoms disappeared out of my mouth, which is a hung
advantage for me. I’m glad the pain is gone and I have a natural feeling when wearing my denture”.

Patricia M.
Spain, Valencia